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False Teachers

March 25, 2024

Hey Clawson Family,



Matthew 7:15 New Living Translation

15 “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.


Jesus warns about false prophets and teachers who come to us with twisted ideas about belief in God and how to live our lives. These people might use the right religious language or seem to be great leaders. But the truth, Jesus says, is that they are like wolves who will wreak havoc within the church if they are allowed to go unchecked.

When we read through the New Testament, we see that the bar is really high for pastors and teachers in the church because they have a huge responsibility. When leaders mess up and teach something false, they are likely to take other people down with them. We have to make sure that we are teaching and ­actions line up with God’s will.

When listening to the teachings of others we must always test it against the word to make sure it is truth.


In your journal today ask God to help you have a desire to read his word so that you can rightly discern the truth.


If you haven’t already make a commitment to spend at least 10 min a day in the word. We can not guard ourselves against false teachings if we are not in the word daily.

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