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Twisted Scripture

March 27, 2024

Hey Clawson Family!



2 Timothy 4:3-4 New Living Translation

3 For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will reject the truth and chase after myths.


Twisting Scripture is easy. It’s quite simple to twist the Bible to have it say whatever you want it to. All you do is take a phrase out of context and apply it to your situation.

How does this happen? 

It happens out of ignorance. Like pastor Josh’s bird poop thing. Or most often, it happens because we are giving people more and more of what they want to hear.

The church as a whole has begun to twist Scripture or even ignore it to conform to society's norms.


The problem is that with no reference point, Christianity becomes anything anyone wants it to be. And if it becomes anything anyone wants it to be, it begins to become nothing.

When we preach and teach to please people, give them what they want to hear and twist the scriptures to do so, the church is not working as it should!


So what do we do?

Every believer has the responsibility to double-check teaching to ensure it is indeed what the Scriptures say, no matter who is saying it! 

No matter how great, respected, and renowned a teacher might be, examine Scripture to make sure what is being said is what the Word actually says. Don't just read one scripture. Read the scriptures before and after to get the full meaning.


In your journal today, write down the Scriptures you most often see getting twisted. Ask God to help you discover the meaning that He intended in His word. 


Reach out to someone who’s been let down by false teachings and allow God to use you to love them with His love.

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