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Develop into a more mature believer using these resources

Growth Track

Growth Track is a one-day course designed to teach you about the values of Clawson. You'll learn about salvation, your identity in Christ, your spiritual gifts, and more.

Once you complete Growth Track, you can do things like become an official member, serve as a volunteer, and host a small group.

April 7, 2024
May 19, 2024
June 30, 2024

Upcoming Dates


Want to participate in daily devotions? We publish a new one every day corresponding with our current message series.



Baptism is a way for believers to show others they're committed to Christ.

To register for baptism, please submit a connect card and select the "I'm interested in: Baptism" checkbox.

Small Groups

Small Groups are offered in two flavors, interest group and series group.

Interest groups are made up of people who share a common interest, like parenting or coffee. These groups meet and discuss that topic.

Series groups are made up of people meeting at a home for bible studies, sermon watch parties, and more. These groups are hosted by a family.

Small-Group registrations are not open at this time. A list of fall semester groups will be available soon.

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The Connet Card

The easiest way to connect with us.

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